Make minimum payments a thing of the past.

Keep your hard-earned money for yourself instead of lining your lenders' pockets.


  • Get on a written budget that aligns with your pay schedule
  • Pay off debt regularly and consistently
  • Stay motivated and excited so you never fall back into old habits
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👇🏻 I want you to picture this for a second 👇🏻

Imagine that you wake up in the morning and have 5 figures in your savings account . . .

Payday is coming tomorrow, but you still have plenty of cash leftover from last paycheck to put toward your next family vacation . . .

While out running errands, you walk into Target and slap $200 on the counter and buy your home decor with no guilt . . .

On the way home, you grab your favorite takeout lunch, and knowing you have plenty of cash in your account, you add the guac . . .

And when your head hits the pillow at night, you feel secure and assured, knowing you've worked hard and are now in a great place financially.

This isn't a fairytale, it's the kind of future you can expect when you harness the power of budgeting with Budget to Debt Freedom.

Introducing . . .


A detailed course with a proven strategy to help you budget and pay off debt fast.

Budget to Debt Freedom will change the way you budget forever . . .

  • Learn the best budgeting method to pay off debt (so you can get it done fast)
  • Get rid of those ugly minimum payments ASAP (keep your money for yourself, not your lenders' pockets!)
  • Build your budget the right way, step-by-step, using your income and bills (so it's completely intuitive and based on your real life)
  • Get organized with my signature routine (no guesswork on how often you should be budgeting!)
  • Stay consistent no matter how busy life gets (so your progress never stops)

    No budget is a one-size-fits all solution. Throughout the course, you will be provided with "options" so your budget is totally customized while still being in line with this game-changing strategy.

Don't just take it from me though, check out what my students are saying!

"BTDF was the best money I spent in 2020!! Merilee is the ONLY person that has ever taught me to create and manage a budget and plan a path to be debt-free. As a single mom, on a single income, this course clearly walked me through where I am financially today and where I want to be years down the road. This course changed my perspective and the trajectory of my life moving forward. I have paid off 2 debts since completing the course and have 2 more debts to September 2021 I will be completely debt-free!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 💗"

- Melissa W.

"Even though I have read about budgeting before, having you go over it step-by-step with me made me feel so confident about being able to do it myself!"

- Nancy V.

"The BTDF course helped me develop a simple plan that was easy to follow. I’ve paid off one credit card, have a healthy savings, finally have a positive net worth and I’m just getting started!"

- Jennifer S.

"My husband and I have a WAY better understanding of our financial picture and can now lay out a realistic plan for our money."

- Katey P.

"This course helped me confront my denial of excessive spending. It helped me understand the process of budgeting so I was more comfortable explaining to my husband the how and why of it all. I’ve also been able to establish a reasonable budget and focus on small steps to debt freedom!"

- Brooke B.

"I know I'm just starting out but seriously - THANK YOU! I can tell we are going to be experiencing less worry as we work to pay off debt (our goal is three years). Thank you!"

- Sarah C.

How do I know if this course is right for me?

You’re ready to put the time and effort into budgeting that it takes to see results

✅ You want a detailed, comprehensive, proven budgeting and debt payoff method

✅ You’re ready to invest a small amount of money into making your finances thrive

✅ Getting your finances organized is a high priority for you this year

You’re looking for a quick fix with no maintenance 

❌ You just want the simple basics right now

❌ You’d rather weed through and piece together free content than get an all-in-one system for a small price

❌ Getting your finances in order isn’t high on your priority list right now

Mostly ’s? You’re ready for Budget to Debt Freedom! 

Any person can become debt-free by following Budget to Debt Freedom because it's a proven strategy that is easy to replicate.

Here's everything you get...


6 hours of video & written content

Education, motivation, assignments, and a step-by-step walk through of putting your budget and debt-free plan together! Short, digestible, and easy to learn from videos in EVERY lesson!


Private access to the Facebook Group

Find an accountability partner, get regular success checkins, course updates, 1:1 openings with Merilee, and motivation to finish the course and stick to your budget.


Expert support

We know you need support, so we are available to answer questions directly in the course platform via chat! (24 hr. turnaround time for most questions)


Spreadsheets, Tools, & Workbook

We'll give you access to all the budget and debt-free spreadsheets and tools you need! Plus, the course now comes with a PDF or Google Docs workbook. No additional purchases will be necessary.


Optional access to 1:1 Audits & Coaching

Need more customized help for a complicated situation? My 1:1 coaching services are available to course members as an optional upgrade.


Lifetime access to course updates

Things change, and you'll have access to all future course updates.


Preparation + Motivation

Build Your Budget

Maintain and Reconcile Your Budget

Save Your Starter Emergency Fund

Use Your New Budget Numbers to Calculate Your Debt-Free Date

Make a Plan + Tackle Debt

BONUS: Resources for Ultimate Success!

$600 in BONUSES + features that will keep you on track!


My budget and bestselling Debt-Snowball Calculator spreadsheets (EVERYTHING you need to be successful) are included.

($30 value)

FREE Access to my Find Your Perfect Side Hustle e-book

Making more money can build your financial momentum, so I'm gifting you access to my game-changing e-book!

($20 value)


You'll never be alone. Join our members-only Facebook community for accountability, tips, and support.

($300 value)


An ENTIRE bonus module with helpful lessons on living more frugally, wealth mindset, what to do after debt-freedom, and more to set you up for total success on your financial journey!

($200 value)


We won't leave you hanging at any point of the process, you'll get detailed but easy-to-follow videos in every lesson!


8 short, impactful assignments to help you understand your money, create your budget, and make your debt-free plan- all grouped into a PDF printable or Google Docs workbook.

($50 value)

A budget = freedom to spend, knowing your goals are being met.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this work?

After you purchase the course, you'll get instant access to every lesson and module so you can dive into it as soon as you're ready. The entire course is self-paced so you can complete the videos and assignments all at once, or bit-by-bit, whatever works with your busy schedule.

What kind of results can I expect?

You'll walk away with a customized budget, a debt-free plan, and all the motivation to succeed. We're talkin' real numbers here- you'll know exactly what you need to do with your money every paycheck moving forward!

What if I don't have debt to pay off?

You can use this budgeting method to achieve other money goals like saving and investing! There is only one section of the course dedicated exclusively to debt payoff.

What kind of budgeting method do you use and teach in the course?

I will be teaching you a zero-based, digital, budget-by-paycheck method. Say what?!?? It's MUCH easier than it sounds! Simply put, you'll plan out how to spend every single dollar of each paycheck you get, before you even get it! This is the best method to help you take control of your spending and experience results fast.

What kind of pay schedule does this system work with?

Almost all pay schedules including biweekly, weekly, 2x month, weekly, and irregular - each with a separate video walkthrough!

Is this program good for beginners?

Yes! This course is designed for new budgeters or those who have tried different hacks and tricks before but nothing seems to stick.

Are there any hidden fees?

No! Everything you need is included in the course. If you have a more complicated situation and need additional help, there is an optional upgrade to add on 1:1 coaching. 

Do you offer discounts or sales?

The course will go on sale periodically throughout the year. The price of the course is $122.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with Budget to Debt Freedom. If you finish the course and don't feel that it helped you understand your finances, build the best budget you've ever had, and make a solid and motivating plan to pay off your debt, you can request a full refund!

Meet Merilee.

Hey there, I'm Merilee, your budget mentor! I'm obsessed with helping my clients and students budget successfully and reach their financial dream life.

After paying off $71k of debt in less than 3 years on a single income, coaching budgeting clients one-on-one, and interacting with my online audience for 4 years, I realized that there was a specific strategy that was truly a game-changer.

I love budgeting because of how much power it's given to my family. We reach money goals fast, we feel in control, and our dream future is within reach.

I developed Budget to Debt Freedom to get my game-changing strategy and the power of budgeting into your hands if you're ready to level-up!

Check out the impressive progress our members are making!🔥👇🏻😍

My fiancé and I feel way more confident about the money we have and how to use it to reach our goals. Before we did this course we had no idea we were spending so much money on food ($1600 for a family of 3), which was crazy for us to see! We feel more confident in sticking to a budget and knowing how to track everything. Merilee goes into detail to help with all those random budget items that are hard to track or plan for.  We loved all the flexibility her course gave to customize our budget to our own family goals!

— Tina K. (Utah)

What will happen if you don't join now?

Do you have debt? Your debt will keep accruing interest and growing bigger by the day.

A little unorganized? You still won't have a plan for your dollars.

Financial future not feeling secure? That won't change without you putting in the work.

We don't want that for you! If you are ready to make a change, we're here to help you jump in and take this on.

Worried about the cost of the course?

The price of the course is only $122. The cost of not taking action on your finances and addressing your debt is much higher . . .

If you have $50,000 of debt with an average interest rate of 5%, your debt is accruing $2,500 per year in interest.

So what does that mean? You are losing $2,500 per year by not taking action now!

Investing $122 in your family now could put that $2,500 back in your pocket year-after-year, so we think it's a pretty good investment.

"I hope to see you inside the course soon! Creating a budget is the first step toward living your dream lifestyle, and I can help you crush that first step starting today!" -Merilee


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